New Addition To Our Household


Another week and another opportunity for more memories to be made! We had quite the weekend in our household, between Finley’s first basketball game and BREAKING NEWS of a new addition.

Finley’s basketball team is an elite all-star 4U team if I do say so myself  :).  In the hour time frame we are given on Saturday mornings, our team practices for the first 30 minutes and then the next 30 minutes is the game. If you have never witnessed a 4U basketball game or any type of 4U sport that involves running from one end of a court/field to the other, let me paint a visual picture for you……imagine you have a group of 50 cats and a single toy ball (the basketball in this case) . As you hold the ball high at one end of the court all the cats huddle around you, then as soon as you throw the ball to the other end of the court ALL 50 cats will immediately rush to the other end in hopes of controlling the ball. There’s also a good chance a few of those cats will not rush to the other end but instead look at each other’s shoes/pony tails/or even wave at their parents before taking off to the other end of the court. As a coach of their team I have a blast working with each of the kids, helping them learn the basic skills of dribbling, shooting, passing and what offense and defense is. When our hour long session is over and seeing Finley’s face light up with excitement from doing something for the very first time, it makes my heart happy as her father.

On Sunday we welcomed our newest addition and Finley’s first pet to our household, a blue Betta fish from GiGi (grandma). Finley was beyond ecstatic when she found out she was getting this fish and seeing her reaction for the first time when she came face to face with her new fish made our day! Finley of course named her new friend, Ally. One of the first topics we discussed with her is that having a pet fish is fun but it also comes with responsibility, such as making sure it is fed each day, its water is changed out, and the aquarium is cleaned accordingly.  Since welcoming Ally into our house as of this past Sunday, it’s completely changed Finley’s morning and evening routine. She is continually making sure Ally is fed and taken care of.  Our desire as parents is to help Finley learn life lessons through sports and having pets. Starting small with a fish and leading into bigger responsibilities such as other pets or possibly a sibling. Helping her understand how important it is to care for her pets should enable her to enhance her sense of responsibility as she grows older.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world by having a front row seat watching Finley every day as she learns more about her world and how to interact with the people around her. Jess and I are very blessed and couldn’t imagine our lives without her. We thank God each day that he has entrusted us with the responsibilities of being Finley’s parents. Just as Finley learns new aspects in life each day, being her parents also allows us to learn something new about ourselves each day as life is a never ending adventure full of moments big and small.

Someone grab the fish food, we are off to feed Ally!




2 thoughts on “New Addition To Our Household

  1. Chaddy Daddy

    Haha!! Glad you got a good laugh from the cat reference. Seriously though, the kids are the best and it’s a honor being their coach. Nope, no addition to the family like that but who knows what the future holds!

  2. Melinda

    I am rolling 😂😂😂!!! This is CHAD to a T!!! Now I can’t get the picture of 50 cats running back ad forth out of my head!!

    And also thanks for getting me excited…thought you had a different kind of addition to the family! 😉

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