Slopes, Skis and Snowboards


Wow, what a past couple weeks it has been! Life has been crazy and in the middle of all that we were able to take a trip to Vail, Colorado for 5 days. We spent a couple days on the mountain skiing, snowboarding, falling and laughing. The other days consisted of traveling, shopping and exploring.

The most enjoyable part of the trip was being able to watch Finley experience skiing and the mountains for the first time. She was in awe as we got deeper into Colorado and around each curve there was another majestic mountain, some snow packed while others lined with trees. It was nothing like home here in Kansas and I could tell every second we spent there Finley was amazed with something new each time she turned around.  Skiing and snowboarding was an absolute blast, especially helping Finley into her skis for the very first time. I will have to admit that her first experience in skis was a much smoother sight than mine was ten years ago. This might also have something to do with her father believing he could learn quicker by trial and error on green and blue runs, the very first morning on the mountain, but I digress 🙂  Below is a short video clip of Finley’s second trip down the bunny slope, needless to say she does quite well staying up right. Teaching her to slow down, “pizza & french fry” for you skiers out there, was a whole different story and one that we can continue to work on next time while shredding some gnarly pow pow!




I would love to hear from you guys about your favorite skiing destination or a vacation you went on recently. Feel free to leave a comment!





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  1. Chaddy Daddy

    Thanks for the comment! Pictures of Lake Tahoe look amazing and everything I’ve heard about it, sounds like the pictures don’t even come close to what it looks like in real life. We’d love to check it out sometime!

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