March Madness…….Without The Brackets


The sick bus has been making frequent stops here as of late. A few weeks ago Finley was fighting fevers, a nasty cough, an ear infection and more mucus than one person should be able to produce. In the meantime I managed to come down with a head cold that only severe cold Mucinex could conquer. Just as things were clearing up, the bus made one more stop and Finley came down with strep throat. Thankfully she is feeling better and Mama Bear has been lucky enough not to catch any of this. Even with the sicknesses, we’ve managed to stay quite busy.


Finley finished her first season of organized basketball recently. LOTS of things we can continue to work on. One laughable moment occurred in her last game. The boy guarding her would barely let her breathe. He would have won defensive player of the year award if there was one. She finally turned to me, a little upset, and said “daddy, I just wish he would leave me alone.” I had to bite my lip a little bit to keep from laughing. I reminded her that it was his job to play defense and her job to get open. Now if she will only keep that mindset until she’s much older, we won’t have any issues with boys 🙂  Driving home she reminded us that she had fun and wants to play again. That’s a successful first season in my book!

As state basketball is underway in Kansas, I have finished my first year as a Kansas high school basketball referee. Many new relationships were made and it was such a learning experience. It is such a different view of the game from our positions on the court. That’s aside from the ‘constructive criticism’ we zebras get from coaches and the fans. To truly enjoy being an official, you must have thick skin and be able to stay calm no matter what is happening around you. Of course nobody is perfect and we will make an unfavorable call. Our goal is to make sure the rules of the game are honored and kids are able to perform to their fullest potential. We just want to give back to the game that provided us with so many memories as players.

Fish food and dance shoes

Great news, we’re almost two full months in as fish owners and I haven’t killed it yet. I do wonder what it would say if it could talk. I mean it swims around in a bowl 24/7 and eats the same fish pellets everyday. If I was in that situation, there would be a lot of choice words!! Ally (it’s a boy if I’ve failed to mention) has become one of the family though. When we feed and spend time around him, he will put on a show for us and enjoys the attention.

Dance class is getting intense as we are now only two months away from the recital. Don’t get me wrong, we still just drop Fin off and leave for 45 minutes. But the new dance moves she shows us at home proves dance class is on another level at this point. Not only is Finley performing at the recital but yours truly is getting in on the action. Practices for the daddy/daughter dance will be starting soon. Yes, a lot of you are laughing right now as you read this. I can’t blame you. I don’t claim to have dance moves and never will but it’s for the kids and the laughs!

Prayers for Kansas

Lastly but most importantly please keep the families affected by the recent Kansas wildfires in your thoughts and prayers. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been burnt. Along with livestock and many homesteads. Please pray for rain. Pray for comfort and peace for these families who have lost so much in such a short amount of time. Things like this are hard to reason and understand. They say there is a reason for everything and in time we’ll find the answers. Until then, keep these families in your prayers and reach out with a helping hand and with an attitude of humility.

2 thoughts on “March Madness…….Without The Brackets

  1. Chaddy Daddy

    Great hearing from you! Seems like everybody has been getting sick. Hopefully the Atherton crew starts feeling better soon. Hope all is well, we need to get together once it warms up. Love ya!

  2. Aunt Jerri

    Love hearing what’s happenig in your family. Leslie’s family has had there share if the flu. Posie has been sick all week but finally better today. Mason home sick and Shannon has been sick.
    Finley has been busy with basketbal and dance it sounds like. Love you all !

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