Let Them Be Little


Congrats Grad!

The school year has come to an end by this point in 2017. Seniors are celebrating their achievements in high school.
Looking forward to take their next steps into college, the workforce or beyond. It’s been heartwarming seeing the excitement parents show as their son or daughter receive their diploma. As these seniors walk out of their high school gyms for the last time, many youngsters are just beginning to shape their lives, dreams and futures.









Class of 2017

As parents to a four year old, we had the absolute pleasure of watching our little one graduate last week too! Her class performed songs, recited bible verses and the Pledge of Allegiance. Her mother and I were beaming with pride and joy watching our baby girl grow up right before us. Where did the time go? She was born, we blinked and she enters Kindergarten in the fall. Every cliche about kids growing up to fast has never been truer. I as an individual never understood them until Finley came into our lives and now it’s an overwhelming feeling to try and slow time down with her. Regardless, we as parents could not be happier watching her learn both in and outside of school. She literally is a mini-me of my wife and I but with a personality that brightens even the darkest days.

The Value of Moments

A quote by the famous Dr. Seuss helps put life in perspective, specifically life as a parent to a young child.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss.

This is one of the main principles I created this blog for. To make sure we as parents, friends, and individuals take time to slow down and enjoy moments we easily take for granted.  I have to admit, I was choked up a couple times while watching Finley graduate from pre-k. As a parent we want the best for our kids but we also have to make sure we are working each day to better ourselves as parents. Our kids are sponges and see our best and worsts. Leave a legacy with your child that they want to pass down to their children someday.

At graduation last week, prior to the ceremony beginning, the song “Let Them Be Little” played in the background. Lyrics of “Let them be little, cause they’re only that way for a while. Give them hope, give them praise, give them love, everyday. Let em cry, let em giggle, let them sleep in the middle. Oh just let them be little.”

I leave you with this….the moments of them giggling and sleeping in the middle will only be here for a very short time. You will blink and these moments will become memories you look back on. Just in time for you to watch your little one walk hand in hand with their best friend out of their high school gym for the very last time.

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