Wedding Bells


Save The Date

This December will mark our 5 year wedding anniversary. I always tell her how I am the lucky one! Before we were married, and even now, we always look forward to receiving save the date cards from friends who are going to tie the knot. Always enjoying the moments we are able to share both as a guest or even as part of the wedding party.

I Do

However this wedding was different. On May 20, 2017, I watched as Sara said I Do to her husband Jeff. Our family is now a part of another family. They have welcomed us with open arms and have shown so much love to my little sister as one of their own.

The bride and groom in all their glory!

As her older brother, I always wondered when this day would come. Remembering when my old man picked me up from school on Friday 28, 1992. It was the day my sister was born (it was a leap year, she was lucky she wasn’t a leap year baby!). Since that day life has moved very quickly and many changes have occurred. The most significant being when dad passed away in 2005. I knew as Sara’s wedding day approached that missing him would be weighing on her heart and emotions.

Little did I know it would weigh heavy on me as well. A couple weeks prior to the wedding, Sara came to me asking if I would walk her down the isle. She surprised me with a new pair of Nikes. Inside the box was attached a letter. It read: “There is only one man who can fill dad’s shoes and that is you. Will you walk me down the isle?” Of course after tearing up, I said yes.

Sara, our mother LaDonna, and Chaddy Daddy

What is a wedding without the cutest flower girl in the world? Finley filled her role as flower girl perfectly (yes I am a bit biased here)! She looked absolutely beautiful. I caught myself wondering at times just how fast life would pass us by and Finley would be the bride walking down the isle. UGH!

Finley exceeding all flower girl responsiblities!

Isn’t she the cutest?!!?

Exit Stage Left

The wedding was a huge success. A lot of friends and family that I hadn’t seen in quite some time were also there. It was great being able to catch up with all of them. As you can probably imagine our late night ended something along these lines…..Finley becoming super tired, she even put on her own shoes and told us as parents it was time to go. This is coming from a girl who danced the night away and usually we have to pull her off the dance floor to leave 🙂

Jess and I walked hand-in-hand out of the reception, with Finley half asleep on my shoulder. As we drove home talking about the day our very own daughter would send out her save the date cards.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. Aunt Jerri

    Love your blogs Chad but this one had me crying as I miss my brother your dad so much. It was a beautiful wedding and you know your dad was watching and smiling. I bet he had a few tears. We just never know what God has in store for us or why but he has his plans. And we never know when we will leave this world. Love you all so much.

    • Chaddy Daddy

      I would agree 100% with everything you said. He is greatly missed but I know he was a proud father, especially that day.
      Thanks for reading and truly do appreciate the comments/feedback! See you all soon.

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