Celebration Of Dads


Congratulations! You’re A Dad

I still remember the moment my wife and I found out we would be blessed with a little girl. That moment became real life the day she was born almost 5 years ago to the day (June 30). Like some of my friends, we didn’t have a lot of practice with little kids growing up. So when we all had our first child, it was THE moment when ‘Dad Instincts’ kicked in for the very first time. I still cannot put into exact words the feelings and emotions of overwhelming LOVE I felt when Finley made her entrance.

These short (almost) 5 years with Finley have completely changed my life and Jess’s life forever. We have learned so much about parenting and even more about each other. Each day as parents we strive to teach our daughter Christian morals and values, both through discussions and our own actions as we interact with others. Have we been perfect parents? No. Have we learned from our mistakes? You better believe it! I can honestly say that I could not imagine life without being a dad. It’s a position that should be held with integrity, passion, love, patience and some sarcasm from time to time. There’s a saying out there that daughters will grow up and marry a man that reminds them of their father.  Ask yourself each day, are you setting the bar high enough for your future son-in-law? Don’t be the dad that in 50 years you look out at the horizon and wish you would of been better. Life moves too fast and you cannot get moments with your children back.


So to all the dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day. I hope you enjoyed our weekend of fame as much as me!  Don’t settle for being just a good dad. Always strive to be a better dad, husband and friend. Make sure to add in some dad jokes from time to time. Even though your kid(s) may think the joke was lame, you’re still a superhero in their eyes.

Roadtrip to Missouri – Wedding Bells

This past Saturday Jess and I make a quick road trip to Warrensburg, MO for one of my best friend’s weddings.

It was an absolutely perfect day and I couldn’t be happier for Megan and Wade as they start this new journey together. Of course everything flew by so quickly and before we knew it, we were making the 3 1/2 hour drive back home on Sunday.

I will have to admit, I don’t know if there are any better road-trippers than Jess and I when it comes to tunes. I challenge anyone to try and top ‘County Songs from the 90s’ on Pandora!


Summer Is Already Here


Suns Out, Buns Out

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20. However, for some one not paying attention to the calendar, Memorial Day weekend serves as a great reminder summer is just around the corner. A couple weeks ago we spent three days camping at Santa Fe Lake. A local, hidden gem, just an hour away from where we live.

This was Finley’s first overnight camping experience. So Jess and I went into this with an open mind and excited to see how she reacted to it. Of course we couldn’t leave home without a couple stuffed animals and a princess blanket for her to have in the tent.  Overall, it was a huge success! We spent time fishing, swimming, grilling, and Finley’s favorite part of making s’mores around the campfire.


Recently we took the plunge of revamping the look of our kitchen. Turning the rough looking oak cabinets into a lighter, whiter, masterpiece. Initially we took all the doors off and cleaned any residue that might of collected on them over the past few years since we bought the house. Next we let the sanding commence. Making sure to sand all sides, grooves and corners of each door. Doing so to not only smooth the surface but help create a foundation for the paint to settle into.

The biggest hurdle of the project was patience on behalf of the DIY’ers 🙂  It was paint one side of the doors, let them dry. Paint a coat on the cabinets in the house. Paint the other side of the doors. Rest and Repeat. Once we had a couple coats on everything, it was obvious the makeover was going to be a huge change to our kitchen. We also make sure to get some new hardware for the cabinet doors. Make sure to check back here for more updates and pictures to come of the new kitchen!

Striving To Become Better

Basketball is officially in the off-season this time of year. This doesn’t mean that kids are not playing to make themselves and teammates better. AAU, MAYB and other league tournaments are in full swing all across the state and country.  It’s exciting to see kids working hard to improve their skills. The student athletes are not the only ones working hard over the summer to make themselves better. This past weekend, as a high school basketball referee, I joined over a hundred other officials for a KSHSAA basketball officials camp. Here we worked with other veteran officials to help make ourselves better as we officiate games. Are officials perfect and get every single call correct? No that is not going to happen. We do take our jobs as officials seriously though. Working hard in the off-season to make ourselves better, one whistle and one game at a time.