A Girl and Her Bounce House



The Day Can’t Come Fast Enough

Ever since July 1, 2016, the question has come up multiple times. It is not an uncomfortable question. However each time it was asked, the answer would be a lesson in patience. “Is it next month? Next week? How much longer? I think it’s tomorrow!”  This was common to hear at our house as of late. Then, BOOM! Like clockwork.  On June 30, the big day finally arrived. Finley’s birthday.

Getting her nails done for the big day

This year marked 5 years of joy and laughter from the sweetest girl around 🙂  Prior to her big day she had a girls day with Jess and they spent the afternoon pampering themselves with a pedicure and manicure. If early signs are any indication, something tells me there are many more ‘nail dates’ to come for these two in the years ahead.

Movie Time! Bring on the Minions.

As if it was meant to be on June 30, Despicable Me 3 made it’s debut out in theaters. Finley could hardly sleep the night before.


Not gonna lie, I was a little jealous I missed the movie. I have a soft spot for minions!

One of the biggest decisions Finley had to make on her birthday was where the birthday girl wanted to eat at. Without missing a beat that evening, her immediate response was Buffalo Wild Wings or as she refers to it: “B-Dubs”. Two years in a row now and it doesn’t surprise me one bit. This kid would eat B-Dubs and Chick-Fil-A every day if we allowed her too. B-Dubs turned out to be a blast and of course Dad ate way to many wings. Stuffed. Feeling Miserable. Who wants ice cream??!!??

Bounce Houses Have No Age Limit

A summer birthday calls for friends, fun and water. We had a big birthday bash the following day on July 1.

Watermelon here! Watermelon there!









My wife did an amazing job with the watermelon theme (I might be biased, but seriously, if you are looking for someone to help you come up with a theme or decorations for a party, Jess is your GO-TO!).

Also a big thank you to my brother and sister in law, Chuy & Marlene, for allowing the party shenanigans to happen at your place.

Rice Krispie Watermelon party favors

Frozen Sherbet Watermelon Cake









Just add chocolate chips













The main attraction at this years birthday bash was the princess castle bounce house/water slide.

It was a huge success amongst kids and parents. I have a feeling the kiddos slept like champs that night. I will have to admit that a few of us adults also slept like little babies……after the party crowd had left, a few of us decided to test out the bounce house. Before it was all over on Saturday, I’m not sure who was having more fun, us adults or Finley!!

A quick public service announcement: you know you are aging when you are sore for the next couple of days from the bounce house and waterslide….hello epsom salt bath.

Finley and Nana

Which one to open first?

Happy Birthday To You!



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