Don’t Take Your Child’s Side


Parenting 101

Let’s just make sure we are on the same page before going much further. Parenting is a team effort. Between the husband and wife. It’s also a roller coaster of emotion. Which at times make you wonder why you decided to have little mini-me’s in the first place. Regardless of if the pregnancy was planned or if it was a blessing in disguise, parents must be on the same page of the ‘parenting playbook’ at all times! This is crucial for parents to keep their sanity. Also to thrive in building a strong moral foundation in their child’s life.

I remember day 1 when our little girl was born, I cried and told my wife this was the happiest moment of my life (outside of our wedding of course). Between that day and now 5+ years later, there have been moments when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out. Be honest, I know I am not the only one thinking this! I love my child with all my heart but at times it becomes frustrating.

Stand Strong

It’s during the most frustrating times when your child disobeys/talks back/whines/throws a fit/you name it, ┬áthat you learn the most about yourself and your spouse. Will you take a deep breath and use teamwork? Or do you find yourself giving in and siding with your child when they do not listen? ┬áJust so you can calm the situation and ‘kick the can down the road’ and say you will parent better next time. During these past few weeks life has really tested us as parents on this issue. We have had to call a parent time-out and reassess our goals and direction in how to handle the discipline used during these moments.

Showing our child, when she disobeys, that mom and dad are in agreement and stand together is imperative. Our child may not like it but we will not allow her to drive a wedge between her mother and I.

Life Lessons

Over time as your child grows, they will begin to see just why you as parents teamed up the way you did. How your decisive decision making and standing firm on your words/actions actually can positively impact their life in many ways. It will show them the importance of decisive decision making in their own life as they grow older. Of which, you should have set that solid moral foundation at a young age, so the decisions they make will be positive ones. Then later in life when your own child is able to experience parenthood, you can bet your bottom dollar they will parent a lot like their parents once did. What type of parenting legacy are you leaving with your child? I hope it is one of teamwork and love.

This does lead us into the conversation of being grandparents and the role they play…:) but let’s save that for another day. For now, grandparents spoil the grandkids. It’s all I know and love at this point in my life as a young father.



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