The Art of Letting Go


The Time Has Come

Has it really been 5 years already? I can’t believe the day is here. Where did the time go? Our little one has grown up too fast. It was only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital. Can we turn back time?

All the above are common sayings you hear throughout your community this time of year. Along with being plastered all over Facebook with pictures and comments. A lot of parents are excited for this time of year to roll around. It means their kid is headed back to school and they can gain some sanity back in their lives and have a daily routine again. Such an exciting time!

A Dad’s First Time

Then there is us. The first-timers. The dads and moms that went to kindergarten round up a couple months ago and filled out a mountain of paperwork. Then telling ourselves, its still a couple months away, we have plenty of time, we aren’t worried. We blink twice and wait!…open house is this week?!? We meet our child’s teacher. Then help our child find his/her cubby and watch as they put their materials away. Is this really happening? I can’t believe the day is just about here, we think to ourselves, as we watch our child grow up right before our eyes.

The emotions have begun to sneak up. I’ll be honest, they have on me. I’m not one to cry or get super emotional over things. However I am having a very hard time comprehending everything that is going on right now. My daughter’s first day of school is on Thursday. In just two days. In my mind I keep playing over how the day will go. But I know it will not be as easy and as smooth as it plays in my head time after time.

Be Their Rock

Last night at our school’s open house it seemed like my little girl wanted to hold my hand every chance she got. My initial reaction ¬†toward Finley when we walked into the school was one of not needing to hold hands since we were not in the parking lot any longer. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. We both needed to hold each other’s hand. Maybe, just maybe, this whole starting Kindergarten is going to be harder for me than it is for her.

So the whole evening I watched her every move. As she interacted with her teacher, her fellow students and other faculty. She seemed wise beyond her years, even at 5 years old. This is really happening. As we got back into the car and headed home, the first words out of my mouth were “Finley, where did the time go? I can’t believe you are about to start Kindergarten.” In the only way she knows how, she just smiled back at me and reassured me everything will be just fine. I know it will be Finley. But letting go on Thursday morning will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a parent.




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