Your Life In A Pile Of Dirt


This past weekend, a pile of dirt had me thinking how it actually relates to our lives. Yes you read that correctly.  I recently laid sod in an area of our yard that had been home to an above ground pool. (check out my Instagram with pictures of this transformation @chaddydaddyishome) After finishing the sod project it was clear an excess amount of dirt had been delivered. I tried to hand it off my to neighbors but nobody was in need of any. Thus, here I was with a large pile of fill dirt and nowhere to go with it.  The only option I had was the city’s dump site where they accept clean dirt. So armed with my truck, a couple sturdy shovels and the Kansas heat…..let the adventure began!

From beginning to end, it took five pickup loads from my house to the dump site in order to get rid of all the dirt. It was one heck of a 2 day workout to say the least 🙂 Of course it also gave me a lot of time to think internally about life.


In my short 31 years, I have had to bury my own father and both grandparents from my mothers side. I’ve had my fair share of graveside services and filling in of graves. Yes funerals are a celebration of life but it makes a person really think about just how short life can be. At both of my grandparent’s funerals, the way it was set up is that family members take turns shoveling dirt into the grave. As others in front of me took turns I didn’t think it would bother me. Then the shovel was in my hands and the waterworks began to flow!

I remember like it was yesterday the sound of the shovel going into the pile of dirt. Then turning as I tossed it into the grave onto  the casket. It is images and moments I will never forget. We do hold onto the promise that we will see them again in Heaven. It is with this promise, thats has helped me become a stronger individual through these tough times.

When I was about to the end of the massive pile of dirt sitting in my driveway, I started to wonder about my life and the type of legacy I leave with my family, friends and acquaintances. Throughout life you could say that we accumulate a pile of dirt (memories) with those around us. I remember very clearly as I tossed another shovel full of dirt into my grandmother and grandfather’s grave, a memory of a time together with them would come into my mind. The size of your dirt pile doesn’t matter but the quality of dirt does. You could have the biggest pile of dirt sitting by your grave. If it’s full of weeds and stones, what kind of legacy did you truly leave? When your family or friends are graveside and they see the dirt being tossed in, what kind of memories will flood their heads?

Our time on Earth goes by in a blink of an eye. Make sure you are using each day to it’s full potential. I am not saying you must become the richest or most famous person to leave a lasting legacy. To believe that is nonsense. Instead make sure the dirt you leave behind from the hole you dig each day is clean. Dirt that is full of love, kindness and patience towards others.  Are we perfect? Of course not. We are going to make mistakes. It is how you react to those mistakes that has a long lasting impact on your life and legacy.

When all is said and done and my time has come, I hope those I’ve impacted will look forward to seeing my dirt pile.  That they will make sure to fill a small container with the fresh top soil. So they can take their memories with them wherever they go. In my mind that is the best legacy you can leave behind. What kind of dirt pile are you going to leave?!!?




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