Magical Memories


Dreams Becoming Reality

This past weekend was magical, exciting and completely exhausting all at once. We spent 4 days at Disney World in Orlando, FL. This was the first time Finley and I had ever been, as Jess visited when she was a young child. We set aside one full day of our vacation just for the Magic Kingdom. Goal #1, Finley meeting every princess. Goal #2, don’t fail on goal #1.

Our day began very early with breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table. This was a win-win for Finley and us as parents because she was able to meet 6 princesses, one on one, in about an hour. If you’ve ever been to Disney World you will understand just how important efficiency is. You want to limit your waiting in lines as much as possible. Meeting 6 at once is parent efficiency at its finest!! Another important item Finley kept close to her all day was her autograph book. Making sure to collect the princesses ‘John Hancock’ and a picture with each one. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @chaddydaddyishome for more photos and videos of our trip. Also check out @mrsventers page, she’s the Instagram queen 🙂

A Fairytale Ending

Our night ended with royalty. Finley, or should I say princess Belle, visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and prepared herself for dinner at Be Our Guest. Making sure her hair, makeup and lip gloss were all in place, as her mother and I watched her transform literally into a princess right before our eyes.








The atmosphere at Be Our Guest is the Beauty and the Beast setting. The Beast himself is present during dinner and as his guests we were able to interact with him after eating. Every detail of the setting was complete, even down to dessert. Yup you guessed it, we had the grey stuff and it was delicious. (don’t believe me, ask the dishes! or just look up the lyrics to ‘Be Our Guest’). As we exited the castle, we entered the Beast’s study and our very own Princess Belle shared a dance with the Beast. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

Beauty and the Beast from Chad Venters on Vimeo.

You Will Always Be Daddy’s Princess

Experiencing a place like Disney World and seeing the excitement in Finley’s eyes as we rounded each corner is something I will never forget. It was a weekend of first’s for her. First with Disney World and then going to the beach. We took a full day and visited Siesta Key Beach. Voted in 2011 as the #1 Beach in the USA, with beautiful white sand beaches.

The whole way home all Finley could talk about was the Magic Kingdom and how she wishes we could go back ASAP! It’s moments like these that I hope she will remember forever. She will get older, just like her dad and I hope some day she will be able to take her own daughter to Disney World. I just hope she will remember that she will always be daddy’s little princess.




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