Friday Favorites


#3 Toast Creativity

Hoo-Hoo the Owl

With summer break in full swing for my wife and Finley, breakfast creativity has been a hot topic at our house in the mornings. Oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, you name it we have had it. My wife decided to get creative with toast. ¬†Yes, a slice of toast. At the same time getting Fin to consume a healthy serving of fruit. A win-win for all involved. It is a quick change-up to the average boring breakfast at times and keeps the conversation going at the breakfast table ūüôā



#2: Fruit Tacos

Tacos are one of man’s best friends. The best part is the combination possibilities are basically unlimited!¬†This brings us to today. Cinco De Mayo….Kid Version.

Today at our daughter’s school, they are celebrating Cinco De Mayo in a variety of ways. They have asked parents to bring treats for the kids to snack on throughout the day. So why not bring tacos??!! Fruit Tacos that is. This Friday Favorite is a shout out to my loving and creative wife. She is the brains behind the fruit tacos and I have no doubt will be a huge hit with the kids.

There were multiple steps required. Along with some patience and careful use of the hands as to not break the ‘taco shells’ when filling them. Ingredients of sugar cookies, a cream cheese mixture and your choices of fruit,¬†were¬†fairly straight forward. Without further to do, I give you: Fruit Tacos!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Now go get yourself a taco or two. I’ll leave the ingredients up to you!!

#1:  Coffee

I love coffee. Addicted to coffee could be a plausible argument here. At the ripe age of 31, I am old school and still enjoy a freshly ground cup of brewed coffee. Making a pot of coffee most¬†mornings isn’t an option¬†with getting the kiddo ready for school and off to work on time.¬†Thank the good Lord for the Keurig machine and the options it allows for freshly ground coffee. A quick grind of the beans and into the reusable My K-cup it goes. When using these make sure to not use a very fine grind of¬†bean.¬†This will usually result in a large amount of grinds int he bottom of your coffee mug, unless that’s how you roll!!

When going the route of freshly ground coffee, my answer is THE HIDEOUT COFFEEHOUSE. It comes in a full bean option or can be grounded upon preference before shipment. Its taste is one of a kind and I  highly recommend it. One of my good friends from college, Rachel Heinen, helped open the The Hideout. Along with her friend Lindsey Foglesong.

Friends and Coffee Beans


Lindsey & Rachel, two friends and coffee lovers, opened The Hideout Coffeehouse in 2015. In the cozy little shop located in Osborne, KS, they roast the coffee beans themselves to provide the freshest coffee available in the area! Along with serving coffee and specialty drinks in store,

The Hideout Coffeehouse supplies grocery stores across Kansas with bagged coffee in a variety of flavors and roasts. They range from light blends such as their signature Rise & Shine blend from Zambia, Africa to medium roasts from Colombia to their dark roast- Sumatra. Also included in the variety are 5 different kinds of flavored coffee beans as well as Swiss Water Processed Decaf, a healthier alternative to the regular decaffeination process.

A couple of my personal favorites are the house blend and the Jamaican Me Crazy. I was hesitant at first to try the flavored coffee but I’m crazy about it now (no pun intended). It’s flavored with a Caribbean Chocolate Rum and it does not disappoint!

I highly encourage all of you, if you enjoy coffee or know someone who does, check out The Hideout Coffeeshop. Below are ways to contact and place orders with them. Make sure to check out their Etsy page and place your order online.







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